About Marki

Identified successfully the remarkable business opportunities in the hand-tuft carpet business, Marki Carpet hit upon the notion of starting up a manufacturing enterprise in 2019, adding significant upgrade and value to the carpet industry.


Investing in state of the art facilities, excellent operation manual and creating our core competencies, Marki Carpet plans to leverage the industry standards of hand-tuft carpet in Egypt, delivering superior quality for customers who crave differentiation. We Hired the right creative people and formed smart strategies and best practices, designing our core value propositions to deliver high customer intimacy and to maximize our customers’ gains and benefits. We approach innovation and ongoing research programs that are incessantly implemented to meet the changing needs and requirements of the dynamic markets.


Professionalism : following responsibility levels with Team work spirit.
Transparency : Verifiable – Certified value for customers Win-Win strategy applied to all stakeholders.
Innovation – “We create Values rather than products”.
Customer is our main asset
Close Communication with customers.
We are explorers rather than exploiters, leading the trend and differentiation.

Chairman words

Entrepreneurial businesses usually emerge with blue-sky aspirations to make leap inroads in a short span of time. In reality, business success is a blood, sweat and tears story. My vision is delivering unmatched product through innovative business model based on customization and agility as a DNA discipline in our organization. I rounded up the highest talented calibers on all fronts to present a new wave of service quality to customers.
We pledge to relentlessly strive on optimizing the benefits for our customers and stakeholders .


To be the innovation and scope leader in the hand-tuft carpet industry , and be the supplier of choice for the wide range of customer needs.


To Furnish indoor places with top quality carpet, upgrading the standards of hand-tuft carpet industry in the domestic market and regional markets .