Pinpointing precisely the techno. gap in the hand-tuft market, we are structured to be always ahead of the curve in acquiring the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that deliver unmatched hand-tuft carpet in the domestic market and widely compete in the global markets. Handwork by our exceptionally skillful team in the carpet making, immensely distinguishes our carpets in the market and help position our product lines as the perfect choice for our target customers. First class of the natural core materials with the eco-friendly augmented materials, highly satisfy the needs of our customers. We designed our operation model to be agile for customization business in terms of trend, colors, size and carpet construction for the individual preferences of customers and the requirements of the contract sector. Operation ratios like in full & on time are our main daily concern.

Manufacturing integrated system

Marki Carpet offers a hand –tufted carpet through the up-to-date dyeing and laboratory tools that allow the coloring tests of quality control to meet the global tolerance rates, and to achieve the optimum color fastness, using the top quality of pigments and special treatment solutions.



• Data Color system adapt to the international coloring standards.
• Quality control tests the color samples against master color with the global tolerance rates.
• Consistent coloring R & D outputs unlimited color ranges

Dyeing Process

Marki Carpet offers a hand –tufted carpet through the up-to-date dyeing that allow the coloring tests of quality control, meet the global tolerance rates, and to achieve the optimum color fastness, using the top quality of pigments and special treatment solutions.
• Wide range of dyeing machines to cover and fulfil the customization business model in terms of color, design and size.
• Integration with data Color system to achieve the highest dyeing efficiency and preciseness.

Design Work

Marki Carpet offers brilliant package of designing and creative services to always stay ahead of the curve in leading the trend. High talented creative team develop different types of collections and designing ideas in line with the production discipline to come up with exclusive lines of trends and updates. Consistent and high level of designing services for customers in intricate architectural blueprints. Taking over mega project is highly welcomed with commitment to timeframes and deadlines of delivery.


Marki Carpet offers an exceptional hand-tufted carpet with sharp and defined textures that demonstrate the fine natural materials by acquiring one of the best tufting team from Thailand, where is the habitat of the hand-tuft industry. They entirely manage the tufting and finishing process as per the global manual of hand-tuft production.

Carving & Finishing

Given that Hand carving work differentiates the hand-tuft carpet from the rest of the carpet solutions, and transforms the carpet flooring into a masterpiece in the place, adding a luxurious mood for the interior furnishing style. Technically, we have traditional and special carving options for customers to choose from with a helpful guideline supported by the R & D team. Intricate and sophisticated designs can be carved with high finishing quality. Carving large and tinny motifs are easily possible for our tufting and carving team.

Quality Control

Continuous quality system in every phase of the supply chain activities to ensure that the outputs comply to the global standards of quality and finishing starting from the procurement of materials and requirements to the final product packaging and shipping to customers. Strict check points must be passed and check lists must be fulfilled to proceed.

Protection Augmented Properties

For achieving the optimum protection scenario, Marki Carpet manages a series of performance and quality test, providing globally certified verification at the request of customers
We practice strict procedures and processes of quality control to proceed the tests within the global tolerance rates. Anti-static, Anti-Bacteria and Anti-fire are the most common and demanding properties that we ensure in our carpet.

  • Unlimited color ranges
  • unique option
  • allow customers to mix and diversify colors
  • raising the bars for us to deliver masterpieces of carpet flooring.