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We are a digital Marketing Agency

Digital essence Ltd. Is a Lead generation -focused digital marketing agency providing expert full-service management of paid search, display, and Social media advertising Essence manages over $10 million in yearly online advertising spend for 30+ clients in nine countries. Essence’s experience is that most AdWords and Facebook Campaigns can gain at least 20% efficiency almost immediately with the right tactics in place.
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Digital Essence


Our mission

Since we believe that the success of our clients is ours, therefore our mission is to skyrocket our client's sales, maximize revenues, Increase conversion rates through the process of generating highly targeted leads, and to insure the highest ROI for every penny invested in the Digital Marketing Services..


Our vision:

To be the leading digital marketing agency around the globe.


Our values:

We love our customers. Without them, we do not have a business. Nor do any of us have a job. We believe it’s easy to look good when things are going smoothly. But the real test of a company is when they go pear-shaped. We are determined to delight each and every customer, whatever it takes.
We value our people. We believe that every business is only as good as its people. We want to attract energetic, talented people who want to make real change . Because we’ll take them there.
It all starts with attitude. Everything else can be taught. We value a great attitude above all else.
Communication is everything. Regular, open and honest communication. But even more importantly, direct communication. Our people don’t skirt around issues. They get to the heart of matters, even when it’s a difficult topic.
Leave your ego at the door. We have no room for egos. Our people are humble, approachable and down-to-earth.
Be friendly and inclusive. Extremely so. We want an inclusive workplace where everyone loves coming to work. Pure and simple. If you do not believe in this and will not do everything you can to achieve it, then you are not a good fit for Essence . Also pure and simple.
There is always a better way. We strive to make continuous incremental improvements to all facets of our business. We know that the best changes will always come from our front-line people, those closest to the customer. And since there is always room for improvement in everything we do, our work is never done. Keep it simple. We hate complexity. We will always find ways to simplify.

Values again

Keep it simple. We hate complexity. We will always find ways to simplify.
The best idea wins. Not hierarchy. Not seniority. We value healthy debate here — and the best idea always wins. Once the decision is made, we unite behind it.
Only the highest standards. We will not settle for ‘good enough’ because good is the enemy of great. To many, our standards may seem unreasonably high but they are what set us apart.
It’s your business. We love seeing our people treat Essence as their own. We all have a personal, financial and professional stake in its success. Every company needs more people with an ownership mentality.
Trust your judgement. We encourage our people to trust their judgement and make mistakes – so long as they learn from them. That is how our people develop their business instincts. And it is how we develop our future leaders.
We grow our own leaders. Leaders who have a deep understanding of our culture and business from the ground up (because that’s where they started). We believe that great talent should be recognised and rewarded. And that if we don’t do it, a smarter company will.
Measure everything. Everything we possibly can. We love the certainty that comes with measuring things scientifically. We want a ‘culture of metrics’.
Fail early, fail often. We have a bias for action. We believe that planning has its limits and that small experiments are the most effective way to test new ideas. We believe that we learn as much from failure as we do from success. And that the former leads to the latter.
The devil is in the detail. The big picture is important too. But very few companies obsess over every little detail like we do. And that’s how you build something special. It’s how you knock your customers’ socks off.
Be the best. Not just in our industry. Not just in Egypt. We want to pass the best when measured against the world’s best companies.

What Our Clients Say

"There Is Only One Thing In The World Worse Than Being Talked About, And That Is Not Being Talked About." – Oscar Wilde

here is what our remarkable Partners are saying about us

  • Mr. Cole Martin Eng. Omar el kholy
    Marketing Manager

    Time and again Digital Essence have proven to be intelligent, insightful, nimble, and innovative. , in our experience working on paid-search and social campaigns we’ve not found a better partner. From small in-person events to brand campaigns, we’re confident our messages reach the right people at the right time. The Digital Essence team know their stuff, consistently deliver top-notch results, and are great to work with.

  • Mr. Cole Martin Mr. youssef Al Nakeeb
    Brand Manager
    unilever mashreq. - Dove

    I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone over at Digital essence for their great effort .

  • Mr. Cole Martin Mohamed Atef
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Kheprat Group - KSA/ UAE

    Having dealt with Digital Essence Experts for many years, their service and attention to detail is second to none. I'd recommend Digital Essence to anyone!

  • Mr. Cole Martin Firas Rahhal
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Zad Group -KSA

    The quick, efficient service, quality creative input and attention to detail in Ramadan competition Report make Digital essence a pleasure to work with.

  • Mr. Cole Martin Waleed Elsayed
    Sales&Marketing Director
    european university of benelux - Gate

    Digital Essence has, with their intuitive and skilled team, helped Gate. save up to 138% on cost per click advertising. Digital Essence reviewed our SEM accounts and implemented changes that resulted in a great saving