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Kheprat website is one of the most important informative websites that is specialized in the industry of the Saudi Arabian stock exchange market, the website operates through a number of international experts in the stock exchange industry.

Kheprat website is considered one of the most important achievements of the EL-Moasher company, which was established in 2005, which works to serve the investment sector of in securities & stock market with an approach depending on information technology and tools developed by the company as one of the most important mechanisms used to control financial markets instantaneously as well as providing investors with second by second stock market data that assist them in taking the correct decisions in regards to the stock market transactions.


DIGITAL ESSENCE was aiming to achieve all this objectives and taking Kheprat website by storm by increasing the brand's web presence by creating a campaign aimed to hammer the brand's customers by display ads in order to create better visibility and awareness for the brand that will eventually increase the client's trust in Kheprat. Moreover, DIGITAL ESSENCE was focused on creating an "extreme makeover" in the way the brand utilized it's marketing budget, by implementing a dare devil maneuver of declining the cost per click in an unseen before fashion, that instantly assisted in creating multi-channel ads that was aimed directly at kheprat's target customers with pin point accuracy, by using Google platforms to the extremes of its abilities which in turn created not only likeable ads, but ads that generated sales and boosted the website's revenues off the charts.