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NOOR ADSL is third largest internet service provider in Egypt nowadays. It was established in 1999 and since then it has been providing its service to well-known national and multinational companies around Egypt.

NOOR have dedicated the efforts and services support to business clients only (B2B) and when NOOR started considering providing its services to individuals (B2C) and out of the small pool of digital marketing agencies and marketers they picked DIGITAL ESSENCE for its well known quality and transparency. NOOR’s team totally understands the importance of digital marketing in brand awareness and in return on investment (ROI), so they searched for an agency to do it right for them especially within a very little available budget. However Digital Essence was there to astonish them.


Before the execution all Digital Essence’s team has analyzed Noor’s market share and competitors. We understood how little their share with regards to competitors is and when analyzing the competitors’ digital marketing campaigns we concluded that they have 10 times more budget to spend on their campaign than Noor does. Any campaign under DIGITAL ESSENCE has a team of copy writers and designers and those people who have the first role in any campaign preparation are named creative team. Next comes the group of developers who project and construct landing pages and tracking codes. This is followed up by the role of digital marketing specialist and that is always launching the campaign on, Google advertising products, and social media. This team is always monitoring and optimizing the campaign to attain its desired objectives. And sure all the teams attained way more than the most hunted objectives in a very little time and even without spending all budget
. Our results were so astonishing to an extent they persuaded one of NOOR’s competitors to ask for our consultancy in their digital marketing campaign, and due to our code of ethics we terminated their offer.